Functional Area

ERP Modules customization

Able One Systems, thanks to field experience on customers projects, has trained professionals Functional Analysts for the management of issues on the following modules of both ACG and SAP ERPs:

Financial Meets all financial and accounting corporate requirements, ensuring the editing of periodical statutory documents.

Controlling Provides support information to management in order to plan operations, monitor the results and obtain corporate reports.

Project System Defines corporate investment projects, performing checks issued between RDAs and the available associated budget

Sales and Distribution Issuance of all documents in the sales cycle and integration with the Corporate FI Module.

Material Management Management Activities related to the logistic area, emission of documents produced in the Corporate passive cycle and integration with the FI module.

ERP Modules customization

Data Mining and Interfaces

The large data accumulations in electronic formats, the inexpensiveness of data storage, and new methods and analysis techniques, have brought data mining to be one of the main services that Able One Systems offers to its customers.

In data mining, information extraction is the consequence of a procedural process that involves several phases:

identification of data sources;

creation of a single set of aggregated data;

pre-processing (data clearing, exploratory analysis, selections …);

employment of the most appropriate data mining algorithm;

choice of the visualization format for the new knowledge gained.

Data Mining and Interfaces
Data Mining and Interfaces

An application however large, as well as SAP, can not meet in any case the specific needs of the customer activities.
Able One Systems realize interfaces, both physical and logical, that allow multiple systems to communicate and interact with each other, exploiting synergies and increasing the potential of these products.

Business Processes

The business process (or corporate process) is a set of interrelated activities, carried out within the company, which create value by transforming resources (input of the process) into a product (process output). The product which may be used internally or externally (customers), aims to achieve a specific business goal, as determined in the planning. Both resources and product may consist in goods, services or information, or a combination of these elements and the transformation of the input to the output can be performed with the use of human labor, machines, or both of them.

Able One Systems offers to its customers a methodological guide to redesign Business Processes, together with the new ERP and the Applications adopted by IT, not only to automate existing work, but also to propose new deployment methods and Enterprise Resource Managing.
Business Processes

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